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As we age, we gain weight and lose muscle. This type of exercise prevents it

As we age, the body keeps giving signs of health decline. It becomes faster as we’re into the mid-40s when more injuries would also happen to our more susceptible bodies. While people mostly choose swimming, walking, running or some kinds of cardio or light activities to battle this, they forget strength training works wonders too.

Credit: Sam Knight | Unsplash
Credit: Sam Knight | Unsplash

In fact, strength training also slows down aging. Sounds ridiculous? Read on!

According to Pam Sherman, a personal trainer and health coach, strength training, also known as resistance training, is a way to get lean and stay lean as well. He got clues to say that as research brought out the same assertion. A strength training study published recently found that in older people, resistance-like exercises stabilize joints, prevent injury, and support muscles in fighting aging deterioration. Furthermore, experts also discovered that lifting weights twice a week translates to up to 30% less risk of obesity, compared to those who don’t lift at all.

Sherman says you don’t have to adopt weight lifting to a daily routine, 3-4 times can make a real difference already. It’s not hard to devote half an hour every day to do some resistance-like exercise like that. The fact is that these exercises train you with complex moves so that you won’t worsen any existing pains, aches, or injuries.

Credit: Mariah Krafft | Unsplash
Credit: Mariah Krafft | Unsplash

If you are still reluctant to do weight lifting, it is time to ask for help from a training peer or personal trainer. Research prove you do better and more consistently when you feel more accountable for doing something.

Don’t be afraid to start your training. It can just get better once you got into the gym and start lifting! Stay tuned to our Tips & Tricks section to get more juicy content like this to keep fit and stay healthy! Till the next time!

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