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Apply “Tabata method” to your workouts and get better results from full-body exercises

It’s all about a calorie deficit when it comes to losing weight. Eating less, burning more and it’s that simple. Eating less means you adjust your diet while burning more requires sweats at workouts.

There are a number of exercises to help you battle this weight loss war and you might be more familiar with traditional running or resistance-like exercises. However, the underrated Tabata method should be considered for the benefits it brings too. What is it?

Credit: Marya_Volk | Unsplash
Credit: Marya_Volk | Unsplash

What is Tabata workout?

Tabata is another type of workout that involves high-intensity interval training in sets of 20 seconds with 10-second rest in between for 8 rounds. This means it will be shorter than regular weight training.

The benefits of Tabata

Tabata proved beneficial to those who are looking to lose weight because it pushes you to your utmost effort, which, in return, improves your metabolism better.

According to CPT specialist Andrew Blakey, as for its shorter duration, Tabata is the best choice for people who are short on time and targeting muscle training while increasing the heart rate.

Credit: Sarah Cervantes | Unsplash
Credit: Sarah Cervantes | Unsplash

And of course, the quick and intense workout pushes you to higher effort with shorter intervals, you can reach goals in a shorter time period. For that reason, Tabata is a great fit for body composition trainers.

What’s more, with strength improved and muscle built, Tabata will also fight fat to help get rid of excess body fat. Who wouldn’t want that?

You can see Tabata so much like HIIT, in fact, it is true in terms of the its variety of exercises to help trainers reach their physical ideals. The only new and different thing to note is to round your set in 20 seconds of intense working with a 10 second break.

Credit: Mariah Krafft | Unsplash
Credit: Mariah Krafft | Unsplash

Plus, you can adjust it to different exercises to challenge yourself or accelerate the process.

It is advised that you should choose your favorite exercises to start with Tabata. As you have already make a routine with the exercise, you can just adjust part of it using Tabata to enhance the outcome.

Not only good for metabolism, boosting fat burn and building muscles, Tabata gets you to your physical goals faster and more steadily.

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