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Anna Grudina – The World’s Most Beautiful Kid Model Now

Anna Grudina has become a teenager now and she is still pursuing her passion for the model industry and catwalk stage. She also loves dancing and acting.

Now-And-Then Looks Of Anna Grudina

Anna Grudina was born in 2004 in Belarus. She started pursuing a modeling career since she was a little girl. Anna is famous for her pretty appearance, shiny brown hair, blue eyes, and bright smile.

Anna Grudina became famous when she was very young.

Thanks to her charismatic aura and confident expression, Anna Grudina became the muse of many stylists and photographers when she is still a kid model. When she was 9 years old, the kid model participated in the Little Princess of Gomel contest and excellently won the crown.

After this contest, Anna Grudina became more famous. She has hundreds of thousands of followers on social networks. A lot of netizens called Anna ‘the most pretty kid model in the world’.

She has a sweet and innocent beauty.

8 years later, Anna Grudina has grown up to be a beautiful and sweet teenager. She is 17 years old now but Anna is still as beautiful as she was at the age of 9. The teen model often shares many photos of her in promotional shoots. She also models for many famous fashion brands.

She loves dancing and acting, too.

Anna was trained to be a model professionally when she was a kid. She once modeled in Belarus Fashion Week. The 17-year-old model often changes her makeup style but she still maintains her elegant and charming beauty.

She is more charming now.

In addition, Anna Grudina is also an active dancer and blogger. She often uploads videos of her dancing and shares about her daily life on her private SNS page. To educate and take care of Anna, her mother manages all social media accounts of the young model.

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