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Alzheimer’s Patient Fell In Love With Wife Again & Proposed For Their Second Wedding

Love is a special feeling and moment in our lives when we realize a person is special for us. If you fall in love with one person for the second time, it’s more special. Recently, this special thing happens in an Alzheimer’s patient.

Alzheimer’s Patient Fell In Love With Wife For The Second Time

Peter Marshall is the main character in this special love story. He lost all his memories in the past, including his love due to early-onset Alzheimer’s. However, the serious disease can remove his wife’s name from his brain but it cannot eliminate their love in his heart.

A beautiful love story

Marshall’s heart raced for his wife, Lisa for the second time. Then, he asked Lisa to marry him again. They have been husband and wife for 12 years. But at the age of 56, Peter forgot all his past due to a serious illness. He also forgot his wife and their marriage.

They had a memorable wedding again.

Lisa still stands by her husband and takes care of him although he does not remember her name. Marshall cannot remember any memories of them. He only knows that they love each other. Lisa said she didn’t need any label when remains by his side because their hearts are always connected by their strong love. The most important thing is their hearts still race for each other every single second.

Their love is so magical and wonderful.

Last winter, when they sat side by side to watch a wedding on TV and enjoy a cozy moment together, Peter suddenly asked Lisa for a wedding. His proposal surprised and touched Lisa’s heart. She accepted immediately. Then, they set the date and make a plan for their second wedding.

This beautiful love will inspire a lot of people.

Their daughter, who is working as an event planner, donated all the services for her parent’s second wedding. They had a really touching and memorable ceremony. This beautiful love is a great inspiration for many people around the world. Just love and overcome all thicks and thins together.

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