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Alyssa Valdez has 7 simple outfits for us to shine

Alyssa Valdez became a source of inspiration as an athlete, for which she attracts a great number of followers. However, people who keep a close watch on her activities on social media will soon enough start to care about the inspiration the volleyball player gives as a “fashionista” too. Yeah, no joke and looking at the photos of her chosen sets of outfits down below you might start following Alyssa for outfit ideas too.

1. Bike shorts and long sleeves

Alyssa lives up to any fashion trend. This time, the black bike shirts in combination with a light grey long-sleeved, though simple, are enough to hit the streets to everyone’s attention.

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2. Earthly strap sling tank top and pale-green trousers

Looking so relaxed and comfortable in her lounge, Alyssa picked out a simple combo of earthly strap sling tank top and pale-green trousers.

3. Beige sweater and a satin skirt

In case you might go out somewhere cold and still want to stun others with the charm of your legs. Also, make sure to match your outfit smartly with neutral colors.

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4 Bikini top and joggers

A bold outfit to show her personality. Still, very simple and Alyssa turns head with a rosy hoodie around her waist.

5. Loose-fitting sweatshirt and tapered trousers

Alyssa loves comfort and that’s why she picked a loose-fitting sweatshirt. You should try this on a daily basis as it is not too formal to play around or casual to meet someone.

6. Tied sling dress and a capiz necklace

It’s not rare that we saw Alyssa make it simple but still so charismatic.

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7. All white long-sleeved cropped top, joggers, and Sneakers

The delicacy and naivety of white could conceal Alyssa’s sporty spirit. If you are looking for an outfit that is both girly and so energetic at the same time, give it a go.

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