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Alwyn Uytingco hints at reconciliation with wife Jennica Garcia

Actor Alwyn Uytingco is determined to fix his family.

This past October 14, Jennica Garcia said in an interview with 24 Oras’ Lhar Santiago that her estr.anged husband Alwyn is determined to rebuild their family.

Jennica said, “I’m so grateful to Jesus that He heard my prayers. He gave me what I expected – for Alwyn to return [to] us. He expressed his desire to return to us.” restore the family.”

In his Facebook post today, October 17, Alwyn informed his followers that he and Jennica appear to have arranged.

He started his post with the Arabic word “Habibi,” which means “my love.”

Mensahe ni Alwyn: “Habibi”

“When God gives you something you don’t deserve, that’s what He calls grace.”

“I have to admit, I don’t deserve my family. I don’t deserve a second chance.”

“Please don’t get me wrong, I will do anything to get another chance in this life.”

“And I will f.ight the good fight to retake my family. Yet I realize that it’s impossible to achieve if I rely on my strength alone.”

The actor hopes that with God’s guidance, his relationship with Jennica will continue.

Alwyn also thanked her husband for not letting her go and giving her a second chance to h.eal the wound in her h.eart.

Alwyn said, “Without God and His guidance, His grace. I have no purpose. And without my wife’s patience and boundless love… I would be lifele.ss. Thank you, mahal, for not quitting on me.

“Thank you for letting me continue this life we ​​started together.

“Thank you for giving me the wonderful gift of a ‘second chance’, and a gift that I didn’t deserve at all.”

He also shared a meaningful saying not because there is resent.ment in the past but also in the future.

“Just because the past was p.ainful doesn’t mean the future will be.”

He promised Jennica, “I will always be your Habibi. Until d.eath separates us. I love you. ”

Alwyn’s post includes a black and white silhouette photo of himself and Jennica.

The actor also shared the same photo on his Instagram Stories.

In July 2021, Alwyn said he wanted to rebuild his bro.ken relationship with his wife Jennica.

Rumors of the two breaking up for reasons that they have not stated have been rumored.

In an interview that took place on May 20, Jennica hinted that their family is far from complete.

Jennica’s statement about their plight later: “From a family of four, we are now just a family of three, having to make real sacrifices.”

But he has denied financially the reason for their breakup.

Jennica added in her Instagram post, “The good things that I said about how I honor Alwyn up to this day because he was never materialistic, hardworking and a good provider was not included in the reposted articles.


“Going back and pursuing my career as an actress is simply the wise thing for me to do in this season in my life.

“Our savings was never an issue. If you see an article with me putting Alwyn in a bad light, please make sure it was published by a reputable source before you believe.

“I will NEVER say anything bad about the father of my children.”

Alwyn and Jennica got married in February 2014.



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