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Alex Gonzaga reveals mis.carriage: “We finally closed the book of our first pregnancy.”

TV presenter and social media influencer Alex Gonzaga announced that she is pregnant for the first time.

This will be the oldest child of the couple Mikee Morada.

On his Instagram and Facebook this afternoon, Sunday, October 17, Alex shared with his followers the h.eartbr.eaking news.

According to the Lunch Out Loud host, it’s been two months since she found out she was pregnant.

But three weeks ago, he received “h.eartbr.eaking news”.

Aniya, “Hello. 2 months ago we found out we were pregnant and 3 weeks ago we received the h.eartbr.eaking news that we might be having an irr.egular pre.gnancy (blighted ovum).

“Our doctor advised us to wait for the process to happen naturally.

“So we had to wait a while for the pregnancy to end before we could tell our story.”

Ectopic pregnancy or ectopic pre.gnancy is a condition in which a fertilized egg at.taches to the wall of the uterus but the embryo fails to develop.

Alex added that their faith in God was tested in the days they waited for her pre.gnancy to be completed. They said they hoped for a miracle to keep her pregnant.

But the embryos aren’t actually forming in her uterus so they’re ending this part of her first pre.gnancy.

“Waiting and praying tested our faith and there was a lot of crying,” she said.

“Every day we cling to a miracle that an embryo will still appear but last Tuesday God’s will prevailed and we finally closed our book on her first pregnancy. me.”

“Never Lose Hope”

Alex is said to have shared their experience to give hope to other couples.

He also said that he knew that they would later be able to have children again.

He said, “We share our story to give hope that in the midst of this p.ain and loss, God will always lift you up.”

“To any couple who’s going through this or who might go through this p.ain, don’t ever lose hope.

“It’s not your fault this happened. At your own pace, you can start to grieve and h.eal.

“Mikee and I held on to our Lord Jesus to prepare and help us accept our situation.

“He blessed us with a kind of LOVE that is ready to understand. We know that in His perfect time He will bless us with our ultimate desire.”

He also sent a message to their eldest son:: “To our baby whom we almost had, thank you for giving mommy and daddy joy even for a short span.”

He added, “Lastly, thank you to everyone who gave us time to h.eal.”




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