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AJ Raval reveals true scores to Aljur Abrenica: “We care about each other.”

AJ Raval, 21, revealed that Aljur Abrenica, 31, was flirting with him.

AJ shared it exclusively on “On The Spot Challenge” on PEP Live this Tuesday night, October 5.

AJ was asked by PEP Guide deputy editor Jimpy Anarcon about his involvement with Aljur.

AJ seemed to be trembling and covered his mouth.

Then, the actress directly confirmed that she and Aljur are currently acquainted.

“That’s right. I won’t be hypocritical.

I won’t lie anymore, I won’t deny anymore, because we just have to deny it looks stupid. Well, we’re actually talking. “

AJ also admits that Aljur is his supposedly materialistic boyfriend.

AJ added, “Yes, that’s right. We talk. We understand each other. We care about each other.

“But we’re still not to the point where we have a relationship. It’s like to know…”



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