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A woman fulfills the dream of becoming a registered nurse after failing license exam 6 times

Never give up, really! A woman is now a registered nurse after failing her licensing exam six times.

As seen in Katrina Son’s report on “24 Oras,” Monday, Ma. Ernida Peralta couldn’t help but scream, cry and jump for joy when she saw her name on the list of passers last July.

According to Peralta, the result was surreal because finally, she passed on her seventh attempt.

“All the sacrifices paid off because I waited for it for a long time. I said, ‘Lord, I want to get this so I can give it to them as a present, as an exchange for their sacrifices from when we were young.'” She said

Becoming a nurse has always been Peralta’s dream. Unfortunately, she had to stop going to school because of her difficult family.

When she started a family, her husband encouraged her to follow her dreams again.

“How can I fulfill my kid’s dream if I can’t make my dream come true? Now I’ve achieved it, so now I’m working hard for my family.”

Peralta graduated from college in 2013 and has since taken the board exam every year. There was a time when she thought that this career was not for her because she failed many times.

Thankfully, she didn’t let those get in the way. Now, Peralta only believes that dreams can come true as long as there is perseverance and faith.

“If in our hearts we are eager to get something, we should not give it up. If we fall, we should get up. It’s okay to cry and be disappointed, but don’t give up.”




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