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A stain in history: Japanese people plague the streets to protest against Princess’s marriage

When it’s coming close to the princess’s marriage, the offense is scaling up to protest against the scandalous relationship between Mako and her fiance.

On October 26, Princess of Japan Mako will get married with her fiance Kei Komuro. The continuously postponed marriage has been always receiving objections from the public for financial debt controversies of her future husband’s family. After the official announcement of her upcoming wedding earlier this month, the negative waves of protests have been only amounting higher and higher without a sign of dying down.

On the Sunday afternoon of October 10, another protest against Mako’s marriage took place in Ginza – the crowded area in Tokyo. The protest attracted more than 100 participants of which women took up to 80%.

According to Japanese media, a protest was led by a famous Youtuber. Since last month, the protesters have been organizing gatherings to protest against the marriage on the streets of Tokyo, Osaka, Kanagawa, Fukuoka, etc. The Sunday parade in Tokyo is the biggest one till date.

The group of protesters said they suspected that a big amount of the common people’s tax money is being wasted for protecting Komuro and his family. They asked for an “honest explanation” instead of “ridiculous press conferences”. Even though Princess Mako has refused to take a dowry of $1.35 million, the tension has not succumbed.

Not only convicted of owing money to her ex-fiance, on October 10, Mrs. Kayo Komuro, Princess Mako’s future mother-in-law, was sued for her social wealth fare fraud. To be specific, she left her job in 2018 due to health issues and has been taking healthcare assistance for workers granted by the government. However, her acquaintances informed that she was healthy and working in a restaurant managed by one of her relatives. Charges right before the marriage give negative colors to the Komuro family’s image in the eyes of the Japanese people.

Japan’s Princess Mako of Akishino visits a charity bazaar conducted by Ladies’ Friendship Association for Africa and the Middle East in Tokyo on Sep. 30, 2019.( The Yomiuri Shimbun via AP Images )

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