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A man’s most expensive wedding anniversary gift for his wife

The wife was extremely surprised when she saw the huge amount of money hanging on the clothes drying rack. About 200K per row.

The video shared on Tiktok by netizen Sanchikz has gone viral and now the aforementioned video has reached 1.1 million views.

According to the person who uploaded the video, he wanted to surprise his wife on their 13th wedding anniversary and he really made his wife very happy.

“I just really wanted to make our 13th wedding anniversary happy and memorable. In fact, that gift is still undervalued compared to all her sacrifices and love for this family and that amount is truly irreparable,” he said in an interview. with The Philippine Star.

The husband wants to repay the hard work, sacrifice and love that his wife has for the family.

So the husband came up with a good way to surprise his wife and he did not make a mistake in his decision.

The video on Tiktok also shows how he carefully assembles thousands of pieces and places them on a plastic cover that looks like a curtain.

“It really makes a difference when you put in the effort. My back hurts but it’s okay for someone I love it’s not worth it,” he added.

In addition, he asked his mother’s son where to make a surprise performance.

At first, he wanted to wrap it with his wife while she was sleeping so that when she woke up, she would be surprised by his expensive blanket.

“Pag-uwi ko galing sa shop ni-ask ko muna anak ko kung nasaan ’yung mama nila, sabi naliligo. Ayun dali dali akong umakyat sa rooftop. Ikukumot ko nga sana ’yun kinabukasan sa kanya habang natutulog but excited eh. Sinampay na lang. Basta can’t explain na-excite lang talaga nang sobra,” ani pa Sanchikz sa panayam sa kanya.





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