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A couple who have been married for 5 years suddenly discovered their predes.tined relationship began in the very photo taken 18 years ago

The love affair of the Chinese couple, Diep and Tiet, made many people admit that their fate was real when they could find each other’s young silhouettes in a photo taken 18 years ago.

It is often said that fate is determined by heaven. That’s why there are lovers who go through many difficulties, come together and then have to leave, go a long way, in the end, the person they spend their whole life with is still that person. There are also couples, from strangers gradually becoming a family, and then suddenly one day, discover they have met.

Recently, a young couple living in Chengdu, China touched many people when they recounted their strange 18-year relationship that made many people say: It is fate.

Up to now, Anh Diep and Ms. Tiet have been married for 5 years and have a pair of extremely lovely twins. Perhaps their lives would have gone so smoothly if Mr. Diep hadn’t suddenly discovered the predestined relationship between the couple that began 18 years ago.

On March 4, the couple brought their two daughters to their mother-in-law’s house to eat. A warm, happy dinner passed with the laughter of the whole family. After eating, Ms. Tiet and her mother turned to play with the twins in the living room, and Mr. Diep decided to entertain himself by taking out the album of his mother-in-law’s house to see if the two daughters resembled their father or their mother when were young.

However, when he turned to a photo of his wife taken at May Fourth Square when he went to Qingdao city, Shandong province to play as a child, Mr. Ye was surprised to recognize his own figure in it.

In the photo, his wife when she was a teenager, gracefully in a white dress, smiled at the camera. Behind is the iconic building for this beautiful Qingdao land. But in the moment the camera lens flashed, it also caught the silhouette of a strange man. The young man, wearing a blue T-shirt and dark pants, also seemed to be posing in the distance. Diep just looked at him and realized that it was himself.

Amazed at his “discovery of the century”, he rushed to the living room to tell her. Indeed, Ms. Tiet appeared completely surprised, then turned into joy and excitement. The predestined story of a couple over 30 was written by him on his personal page and spread by friends throughout social networks.

Recalling the old story, Mr. Diep and Ms. Tiet still clearly remember at that time, they were still just ten-year-old boys and girls, still in pu.berty, brooding with many childish thoughts in the head, curious about the vast world out there.

The photo was taken on July 28, 2000. Following Mr. Diep’s recollection, that summer, he followed his friend by plane to Qingdao to play. “It was my first time to Qingdao, we visited the famous architecture there and took some pictures.”

Tiet’s family also decided to go to Qingdao to recuperate a few days after her mother’s successful sur.gery. As she approached the building at May Fourth Square, she stopped to take pictures.

The moment the camera flashed to capture a teenage girl and a stranger in front of an unnamed red building, it was also the moment when fate tied them together. 11 years later, they coincidentally met each other, became lovers and became husband and wife.

After a short break, Mr. Diep returned to Suzhou to study at university until 2008, he set foot on Chengdu, which is also the city where Ms. Tiet was born and grew up.

Tiet Doan Ngo in 2011, the two first met through the introduction of friends. Recalling that time, Mr. Diep was deeply emotional: “The feeling at that time about me was a very familiar girl, but I had never really met before”. Seeing the girl in front of him, Mr. Diep was somewhat shy and embarrassed while Ms. Tiet was a very comfortable and mature person.

Over time, their personalities, habits, and daily interests harmonize, pulling them closer together. During the dating period, Mr. Diep was also surprised to learn that his girlfriend’s family lived in the same apartment building where his family used to live.

In 2012, they officially returned to the same house and gave birth to two princesses not long after.

Mr. Diep said that in recent years, the couple has visited many places and cities, but perhaps Qingdao will still be the most special place. Wait until the children are older, “we will go to Qingdao again for the whole family to visit the old place and take more family photos”.

As for the other two photos, I will keep them carefully because they are the witness to the strange and lovely fate of the couple.



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