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A child got l.ost during a shopping trip, the whole family panicked and had to laugh when they found the boy

The loss of children, especially in crowded places, is extremely worrying.

In a Facebook post by Judah Abonitalla, she shared her experience at a homeware store in Cagayan de Oro with her children.

While the couple was sightseeing and shopping, she noticed his 3-year-old son, Zacc, was m.issing.

Despite his anxiety, Judas calmly searched for the child as he repeatedly called the child’s name in every nook and cranny.

But fear enveloped the mother when she found only the child’s slipper. The mother was about to scream to search but was stopped by a voice and saw the baby sleeping on the shelf of a store.

The boy found a place to rest and was even able to take off his slippers as if he were in his own room.

Perhaps because he was too tired to go shopping with his parents, Zacc went to find a quiet place to rest.

Unlike other children, they are very naughty in such places. Zacc is again looking for a place where he will feel comfortable.

As expected, many netizens cheered and laughed at Judah’s Facebook post and Zacc’s sleeping photo.

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