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A 3-year-old boy ordered toys on Shopee by himself up to more than 4000 Pesos, making his mother extremely surprised!

Online shopping is very popular in our country these days, especially in the pandemic era which is very complicated.

What happened to a woman in Bohol province, she was surprised when a delivery person came to their home and brought the item ordered from an online shop on Shopee.



It turned out to be the work of 3-year-old son Nathan, the item was a toy worth more than 4,000 pesos (4,000).

According to the boy’s uncle, on December 8, his three-year-old grandson Nathan Pana said goodbye to his mother, who was busy decorating her home for the upcoming Christmas, to order from Shopee.

Nathan said goodbye to his mother, “Mother Len, I ordered from Shopee,” the boy said.

Because Len’s mother is busy decorating the house, she doesn’t take what her son says seriously and she also thinks that the kid doesn’t know how to order through online shopping.

And on December 20th, Nathan’s mother received a call from a delivery driver informing her that she had placed an order.

She initially thought the message she received from the delivery man was wrong, so she ignored it, knowing to herself that she hadn’t ordered anything during her online shopping spree.




But soon, the big package arrived at the delivery man. And here she realized that Nathan was actually using her mobile phone so she ordered from Shopee using her account here.

Inorder, a rechargeable toy motorcycle and a pedal toy bike for up to four thousand pesos (4,000).

Nathan’s uncle added that whenever his mother ordered from Shopee, the kid was always watching, but they didn’t think he would learn how to order from there.

They should have canceled the order because it was a large quantity, but the delivery man begged them not to cancel because he was having trouble delivering large boxes of toys.

The whole family could do nothing but contribute to pay for Nathan’s order, which amounted to more than four thousand pesos, which should have been an extra in preparation for Christmas.




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