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9th Grade Students While Studying While Selling Fruits Are Admired by Netizens

A male fruit seller combines selling fruit with his online class.

According to a post by Benj Gonzales, he met Mike, a fruit seller, carrying a laptop and module when selling fruit.

According to Mike, he is a 9th grader at Valenzuela National High School, always persistent and hardworking to complete his studies well.

Gonzales said the young man is said to be inspirational because of his diligence and respect.

Gonzales is said to have posted it so other young people can learn from the boy, that no matter how difficult life is with the current pandemic, there is a way to complete schoolwork.

Here is Benj Gonzales’ full post on his Fb account.

“Previously I went shopping at Marulas Public Market, Valenzuela city. The goods are really expensive. I am looking for fruit to buy for my pregnant wife. Fruits in the market are usually more expensive than others. I decided to find a fruit vendor outside, I met a young Mike, a fruit seller, I was curious why he has a laptop, he says he took an online class. He is in 9th grade at Valenzuela National High School. In the midst of the pandemic and the bad things that are happening in the world right now due to high prices, it’s hard for Mike to continue to persevere and work hard to study and sell in the middle of the day. This child can be inspirational because there are other children who feel uncomfortable in their homes with strong wifi, air conditioning. This young man is also cheerful in addition to being polite and hardworking when selling. God bless you and your family. Keep going, I’m sure you’ll go far in life. You can only do that with prayer and diligence. I’m not posting it to be trending but hopefully to gather lessons and inspiration from other kids. Just be grateful that you feel comfortable in your home. “



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