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9 simple dresses Julia Barretto wears and we should too

Humanity has evolved to complicate things ourselves. We got from having nothing to cover our bodies to putting every accessory possible to be a fashionista. It’s nothing wrong with our desire to be attractive and beautiful. It’s just that it is sometimes time-consuming.

However, humans are a creative and intelligent species. When our head has too much to bear, it’s when our creativity comes in. Time-consuming dress-up? Forget about tank tops, shirts, pants, or jackets. Maybe a dress and only a dress will work.

Proof? Julia Barretto is an example! Let’s see how the actress get so charming in simple outfits: Dresses!

1. Dark-brown dress

We all know something so simple is that dark color makes our bodies look thinner. That’s why this dark brown dress looks fantastic on Julia as it ameliorates her curves.

2. Beige maxi dress

If you want your day to pass by so tranquil (or at least you want to trick your mind to), the beige maxi dress is just a wise choice. Look at Julia’s photo. She just gets in harmony with her matching outfits and surrounding.

3. Green long sleeves

Julia knows that her legs are her strength. The green long-sleeved dress that reveals her irresistible thighs should be your choice too.

4. Long-sleeved open-shoulder dress

How to get people’s all eyes on you? Get sexier and more delicate with this long-sleeved open-shoulder dress on.

5. Simple baggy dress

Julie looks so young and energetic on the light green print dress. Would you try it too?

6. Ribbed dress

Wollen might look sultry but Julia knows how to make the best of it on the beach. How about a ribbed design? It’s just stunning!

7. Black ruched dress

With the lack ruched dress on, you looks brighter and slimmer. Why not give it a shot?

8. Casual white tunic

It’s delicate and comfy. If you just love spending time on yourself on a day off, this casual white tunic is a choice.

9. By-the-knee-length dress

Again, Julia uses black to sport her curves and we just can’t deny it’s charming!

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