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9 numbers show that this world is full of super interesting facts that you have never known

Numbers are something that is sometimes considered to be dry and headache. But actually there are numbers that will make you feel very interesting, especially when it comes to lesser known facts of this world.

  1. How many stars are there in the Milky Way? Infinite? There are actually less than trees on Earth

It is estimated that our Milky Way has about 400 billion stars. But there are about 3 trillion trees left on Earth right now.

  1. The country has the fewest number of children

That’s Germany – in terms of proportions. Children at the age of 0-14 make up only 12% of Germany’s population. Meanwhile in Kenya, the figure is up to 40%.

  1. The world’s population has increased 22 times in the past millennium

Between 1000 and 2000, the number of people on Earth increased 22 times. In July/1000, the world had 275 million people. By July 2000, there were more than 6.1 billion people, and the number is still growing.

  1. One lifetime can go 4.5 times around the Earth

On average, each person walks about 7,500 steps per day, and lives to be about 80 years old. Doing some simple calculations, after subtracting the first and last few years of life, the average person will travel about 180,000km in a lifetime. This means that in a lifetime you will travel a distance 4.5 times the equator.

  1. “The least childish day”

Researchers once conducted a survey on which day of the week had the most babies born. As a result, first place is 5th – 12.8%, then 2nd – 11%. The day of the fewest births is Saturday – only 10%.

  1. The truth about your email inbox

It’s simple: 90% of the emails you receive are spam.

  1. Where moms work the hardest

That is Denmark. Statistics show that 82% of Danish mothers work quite often. Sweden, the Netherlands and Slovenia follow very closely. Meanwhile, Greece comes in last, with just under 50% of working mothers in the country.

  1. How many McDonald’s sold in 1 second?

75 – that’s the number of cakes that McDonald’s – the world famous fast food brand – can sell per second. There’s even a website for you to keep track of what they do in 1 second – if you’re interested.

  1. Every day 1700 Americans become millionaires

Billionaires are few, but millionaires turn out to be more than you think. In the US, 1,700 millionaires appear every day. According to some statistics, each year, there are 8 million families in the United States with an income of more than 1 million dollars – not counting real estate and jewelry.




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