9 Minutes With God In Heaven During Surgery Changes The Life Of This Woman Forever

From an agnostic to a believer, this is the story of how a miserable woman restores her faith in God after an unexpected encouter.


Just like many people in this world, Crystal McVeigh is a woman who doubts the presence of God. Suffering from miseries during her childhood, she believes that she is a broken girl abandoned by God. However, a life-threatening situation happened to her and changed the life of the poor woman forever.

Crystal went through pains and losses during her childhood that she doesn’t believe in God anymore

Suffering from a lot of pains in her childhood, Crystal McVeigh started to lose her faith in God. She believed that she was not good enough to be protected by Him. She was pregnant at the age of 17 and got married to her boyfriend. However, the marriage didn’t last long as the couple got divorced 4 years ago and she became a single mom of 2 children at the age of 21.

She worked hard to make ends meet and raised two of her kids on her own. 5 years later, Crystal fell in love with a man and moved on with him. They welcomed a twin couple and it seemed like she found the light at the end of the tunnel.

However, her life was once again t.h.r.e.a.t.e.n.e.d as the woman was diagnosed with a health problem after pregnancy. During the major surgery, she was in a dangerous situation and had a rare experience.

However, the short trip to heaven changed her mind about the presence of God

According to the woman, she heard her family crying, saw the blinding light and felt like her soul was leaving the body at that moment. She traveled through a dark tunnel and ended up in a place like heaven. This was where Crystal felt light and peaceful and she also met God.

Although she cannot see his face clearly due to the blinding light, she is aware of the presence of Him. The miserable woman asked him the question she has always wanted to know the reason why she had to suffer from a lot of pains from time to time.

God allowed me to look deep inside His eyes. At that moment, I was exposed to the truth. Although he didn’t say anything, I know that he has been always watching me all the time and I thank Him for all the ups and downs I have been through.

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