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72-year-old man with heart disease asks doctors to keep his life because he has to build dream house for his beloved wife. They are now happier than ever

As reported by Reuters, a 72-year-old man, from Bosnia, named Vojin Kusic, built a rotating house for his wife so that she can watch the sunrise and passers-by after she expressed her desire of seeing more things from their house.

“I became annoyed by her complaints and the fact that I often had to fix the house. So, I told her that I would build a rotating house, so she can turn it to whatever direction she wants,” Kusic told Reuters.

The house was located in a green field near Srbac town, to the north of Bosnia. The house can rotate around its 7-meter-high axis that Kusic designed himself, overlooking a cornfield, woods, and a river.

“When it rotates slowly, the house makes a full circle in 24 hours. If it rotates fast, it can turn 360 degrees in only 22 seconds,” Kusic added.

Kusic’s wife did not share much about their new house.

According to Kusic, he was inspired by inventions by the Serbian-American inventors, Nikola Tesla and Mihajo Pupin. Born to a poor family and with a lack of schooling, he had to find ways to do things himself.

“It was not an invention but rather a requirement of man will and knowledge. I had enough time and knowledge, so I built it myself,” Kusic said.

The house was complete after 6 years of execution, excluding a period of time when Kusic was hospitalized due to his heart disease. Kusic also revealed that the house can sustain heavier earthquakes compared to other houses.

“I had asked my doctors to try to extend my life by at least one year because I had this project in mind,” Kusic shared.

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