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7 simple outfits Andrea Brillantes wears to turn heads. You should try too

Andrea Brillantes never disappoints. That’s what we can say about the actress who is really smart in dressing herself for the street. No matter what she wears, the girl just keeps eyes glued on her.

It should go without saying that Andrea Brillantes is a young goddess of streetwear who often steals the show with simple top sneakers and versatile outfits. If you are looking for the same simple treatment for your daily streetlife, check out these 10 simple outfits Andrea Brillantes might suggest.

1. Boots, graphic cropped T-Shirt, and skinny Jeans

What should you wear for a cool night out for parties? This combo should be on your mind then. The cropped T-shirt hugs your body so comfortably tight to tone your abs while the jeans and boots show off your legs and thighs.

2. Monogram handbag, high collar sneakers, white t-shirt, and baggy Jeans

Every young girl is familiar with the blue baggy jeans and white t-shirt combo. However, how to enhance your look? Simply add to your outfit a pair of high-collar sneakers, and a monogram handbag, and boom! You steal the show!

3. Black boots, belt, jeans, and polka-dot cami top

Now, let’s have a moment to rewind the good old days of film. You can earn that look, putting on this red polka-dotted cami in combination with loose-fitting jeans. The combo tone your abs and height. The black boots just emphasize the above even more.

4. White handbag, brown jacket, chunky sneakers, white crop top, and beige baggy jeans

Jeans don’t have to be blue. These ones in beige in combination with a light-color outfit overall are easy to dress and turn heads.

5. White sneakers, cropped graphic T-shirt, and baggy Jeans

Easy and comfy hangouts with friends ask no more than this casual outfit of a cropped t-shirt and baggy jeans. In combination with a pair of white sneakers, you’re good to go.

6. High Top Sneakers, printed buttondown, and distressed jeans short

This one fits her age of 18 with nothing but energy and a playful personality. With the colorful buttondown tucked into the jeans shorts, Andrea makes sure she’s ready for any activity that asks her to sweat on a sultry day. The high-top Vans sneakers are just the perfect fit for this outfit.

7. Shades, sun hat, light wash jeans, and floral crop top

Once more Andrea puts on her crop top to show off her charming abs. With the light-wash jeans on, it seems she’s now ready for a hot summer holiday!

Photo: INSTAGRAM/blythe

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