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7 Common But Unhealthy Foods That Increases The Risk Of Diabetes

These 7 foods contain more sugar than you think. Consuming these foods for a long time may increase the risk of diabetes.

#1. Canned Soup

Many people believe that the canned soup you buy from the supermarket contains fresh water and vegetable only. But if you read the ingredients of these cans carefully, you’ll realize that it contains a large amount of sugar. It equals the recommended amount of sugar for a day. Canned tomato soup has more sugar to make it less sour.

Canned tomato soup

#2. Low-fat Yogurt

Low-fat food often attracts dieters but not all of them are really healthy. In specific, low-fat yogurts often contain 4,7g of sugar. A portion of Greek yogurt contains up to 6 – 12g of sugar.

Low-fat Yogurt

#3. Fat-free Salad Sauce

When lowering the fat in food, producers have to increase the sugar amount to make that food taste better. As calculated 2 spoons of canned fat-free salad sauce contain 7-10g of sugar. Consuming that food for a long time may make you get high-sugar blood and increase the risk of diabetes.

Fat-free Salad Sauce

#4. Ketchup

Ketchup is the favorite food of many people because it fits many dishes, such as chips, Pizza, snacks, bread, etc. However, this food is rich in sugar. A spoon of ketchup has about 4g of sugar. Moreover, it also contains a significant amount of corn syrup. This ingredient is rich in fructose that increases the risk of obesity and heart diseases.


#5. Peanut Butter

Peanut is a very common food in every kitchen. It’s a source of protein in daily meals. However, many kinds of peanut butter also contain a lot of oil and sugar. On average, 2 spoons of this butter contain about 8g of sugar. Therefore, you need to read the food information carefully before buying.

Peanut Butter

#6. Snack

It’s the most favorite food of kids and youngsters. But do you know that sugar counts 3-5% of the net weight of the snack? Consuming too many snacks per day can make you gain weight and get other diseases, such as diabetes.


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