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5 years old living in Pedicab, admired for her perseverance in studying despite living in poverty

It is important for students to have a comfortable place to study. They usually stay indoors and have their own room to study well but what if not?

May Bayaga is a five-year-old student who has no home or room but is determined to study hard. She was photographed giving a reporter’s interview while sitting under a tree next to their supposed home, a cyclo.

May’s family is poor, so they don’t have their own house and live on a small bicycle. Her parents are a merchandising business where they depend entirely on the trash they collect to cover their daily expenses.

Their cycle was small, so she had no place to study properly. In addition to being small and cramped because it contained their belongings, young May chose to place her study at the foot of a nearby tree.

May answered diligently even though she lacked a place to study. Despite their difficult circumstances, they know that education is important, so they do not mind the lack of a spacious home.

Many netizens are touched by the determination of young May because it is rare for a child like her to be so diligent. They also admire her parents for being poor but not preventing their daughter from studying, even helping her in her studies.

“Their poverty is the key to her good future. Study hard, you will go far in life. ”

“Proud of the little girl. God bless you. ”

“This child is a shining example for young people, I hope the government will help me to have a house because it is very dang.erous to stay by the tree’s base all the time, what if it rains.”

“Do your best, daughter. I hope you pursue whatever you want in your life. God bless you and your family. ”

May’s viral photo reached the Unang Hirit program so they extended the help to May and her family. They gave May items that could help her with her studies such as notebooks, paper, pencils, crayons and other school supplies. In addition, I was also given my own desk and chair to make studying more comfortable.

May’s family is also happy that they also get groceries, such as rice, canned goods, noodles and more. It is said to be a huge help to their daily life as they will no longer have to worry about where to find something to eat.

The brilliant May is an inspiration for all children to study hard even when it is difficult. Homelessness doesn’t stop you from becoming an intellectual, it turns into a motivator to change your life. For the children who have a spacious house, a comfortable place to eat and study, they are very lucky and study harder.



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