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5 Must-Know Fashion Tips To Make You Look As High As Lisa

Recently, the cameraman Anthony King “complained” that BLACKPINK’s Lisa has such long legs that they cannot capture them on the camera frame. In fact, this beautiful girl’s height does not reach 1.7 meters. What does she do to look so high and beautiful? Here are the top 5 tips to hack your height.

#1. Shorts

Shorts are great items for height hack. But it can become a big mistake if you don’t know how to mix this fashion item. Lisa often mixes & matches shorts with long-sleeve tops. She also uses boots to make her legs look thin and long.

Lisa in shorts

#2. Jeans + Boot

Lisa also mixes knee-high boots with jeans, especially legging jeans to make her legs look slim and long. Sometimes, Lisa also wears flared jeans and mixes them with low boots. But you should do exercise to make your legs slim.

Jeans and boot

#3. Crop top + Straight Pants

Straight pants are magic fashion items to make your leg look longer and make you look higher. But if you do not mix it well, a pair of loose straight pants can make you look short. Therefore, mix it with a crop top as Lisa does. The gap in the bell part will make the pants work. If you mix straight pants with a loose top, you will look fat and short.

Crop top & Straight Pants

#4. Tank top/ Crop top + Jogger

This sporty style will make you look fresh and energetic. Moreover, it also an excellent height hack tool for girls. Lisa always mixes a tank top or crop top with a jogger or tracksuit pants. A white or grey tank top/crop top will be a smart choice.

Tank top/ Crop top & Jogger

#5. Short Skirts

There are many types of skirts. And Lisa often chooses A-shape short skirts to flaunt her sultry legs. Moreover, this fashionista often mixed a patterned skirt with a plain T-shirt. Black baseball skirts also make Lisa look cool and riveting.

Short Skirts

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