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This 5-minute rule tricks your brain into working mode effectively!

I just don’t know what’s about you but most of the time when I feel the need to fight my deadlines, I will find some sort of entertainment between intervals before I could jump back to the tasks.

Though it really helps with calming my mind down, I find one problem: comfort! Indulging myself in some episode of sitcoms turns out to attach me to the screen where I can’t find a way out of this abyss. And the outcome is that I forget about the task and avoid working the deadline out! The further outcome would be that I feel more anxious towards the deadline.

So what’s the solution?

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The 5-minute rule

In fact, intervals between difficult tasks are not something to be frown upon as it is really challenging to be finished in one single sitting.

This 5-minute rule helps you kickstart a task and build an enthusiastic momentum of working.

This is how it works wonders: The 5-minute rule reminds and encourages you to work for only 5 minutes and after that, you can take a break from the task. It is a brain trick!

In fact, when you start a task, you are getting in working gear and your brain is now getting used to working. This is the moment you begin forgetting the 5 minutes and keep working past the margin you have set earlier.

So the trick here is that before you start doing something. Wire your brain to a 5-minute working mode. By doing this, your brain has already been tricked into thinking it is a small task and the reward after 5 minutes is something worthy.

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