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5 Wrong Habits In Using Cooking Oil You Should Give Up Immediately

Using cooking oil wrongly may lead to many health problems and fatal diseases. Here are five wrong habits in this ingredient that you should give up right now.

#1. Cook At High Temperature

Fry or stir-fry food in over-heated cooking oil does not only destroy the nutrition in food but also produces peroxide and carcinogens. These substances are very harmful to our health because they may lead to cancer and other dangerous diseases. You should heat the pan before pouring cooking oil into it. Then, check the heat of the oil with a chopstick or thermometer.

You should use cooking oil at medium temperature.

#2. Store Cooking Oil In A Long Time

You should use cooking oil within 3 months after opening because it will produce many harmful substances, such as peroxide, fungus, and aflatoxin that cause cancers. Don’t store too much cooking oil to use for a long time.

Don’t store cooking oil for a long time after opening.

#3. Wrong Oil Consumption

People with lipid-disorder syndrome need to reduce their oil consumption. They need to select food carefully and eat less fried food. Those with lipid-related diseases shouldn’t consume more than 25 grams of oil per day. Therefore, using the wrong quantity of oil is also a bad habit that you should give up now.

Reduce oil if you suffer from lipid disorder

#4. Vegetable Oil Abusing

Another bad habit in using cooking oil is abusing vegetable oil. It’s true that vegetable oil is healthier than animal oil. This belief makes a lot of people abuse this kind of oil and say no to animal oil. However, scientists claimed animal oil has saturated fat that is not available in vegetable oil. Therefore, we should balance them and use a small amount of animal oil to obtain this necessary substance.

Don’t abuse vegetable oil

#5. Reuse Cooking Oil

Many people think it’s very economical. But this is the worst habit in using this kind of food. The bad lipid produced when you heat the oil will penetrate into fried food. Then, your body will absorb these harmful substances through eating. It can lead to cancer and other diseases.

Don’t reuse cooking oil

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