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3 Spices You Should Consume Less For A More Healthy Life

Spices play an important part in cooking. Seasoning will affect the tastes and nutrition of the dishes a lot. These are 3 spices that you consume as little as possible.

#1. Salt

Salt is always the most important spice in the kitchen. Food without salt is like life without love. It’s tasteless. However, too much salt can destroy your vessel. If you consume more than 6g of salt per day can make your vessel ger swollen abnormally.

Salt is a necessary seasoning in every kitchen.

Then, it pushes the blood circulation and leads to high blood pressure. More seriously, it increases the blood clots in the vessels and raises the risk of atherosclerosis. It’s the cause of many fatal diseases, such as stroke, pulmonary embolism, and heart attack.

Don’t use too much salt.

#2. Hot pepper

Hot spices, such as chili helps stimulate your appetite and keep your body warm in cold weather. However, abusing this spice will destroy your stomach and intestines. Moreover, consuming hot spices for a long time makes the cognitive system excite.

Using too much hot pepper may destroy your digestive system.

It also stimulates blood circulation which is harmful to the blood vessel. As a result, it will result in high blood pressure and blood lipid. Spicy food also increases the risk of arteriosclerosis. 

The combination of hot pepper and fat can be very harmful.

#3. Sugar

Sugar is also a prevalent spice in our kitchen. A lot of people like the sweet taste of this spice, so they add sugar to almost every dish. But it’s a bad habit because consuming too much sugar will cause great pressure on your body.

Don’t consume too much sugar

In specific, it forces the digestive system to transform a great amount of sugar in your diet. The excess glucose will penetrate into the blood and causes diabetes. In addition, it also leads to uncontrollable weight gaining. You may also suffer from other diseases, such as clogged arteries and unpleasant symptoms.

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