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2 notes from expert that help you overcome muscle soreness

It all starts with sweats and pain. That is what I always say to newbie trainers. In fact, we all experience soreness when we begin with any type of training. People even coin a term for it – DOMS (Delayed-onset muscle soreness) to describe the pain coming with us when starting some high-intensity activities or heavy weight-lifting you are not used to. It will soon disappear over time; However, is it a bad or good sign and what should we do about it?

Credit: Marya_Volk | Unsplash
Credit: Marya_Volk | Unsplash

DOMS is neither good nor bad. It’s something in between and something you should get used to when trying to bulk up. Though it’s inevitable, there is some advice for you to overcome it in a good way.

First, let’s get to know about DOMS. What is it?

DOMS is the feeling of stiffness or soreness in the muscle belly which normally lasts one day after an exercise activity.

Most of the time your soreness disappears inside 48 hours; however, there are times people have to take 4 days to totally get rid of it.

Credit: Victor Amenze | Unsplash
Credit: Victor Amenze | Unsplash

According to professional trainer Luke Worthington, DOMS is likely to appear worse if someone suddenly changes his/her training intensity or volume, or new exercises that force their muscles to get used to new stress. That’s also the reason why DOMS happens a lot to people who love challenging themselves with new heights.

How to overcome DOMS

1. Start small and slow

As explained above, DOMS is supposed to emerge once you adapt to new movements, exercises, or higher intensity activities. Therefore, the first and best way is to avoid stressing your body’s sustanability. Start small and slow instead for the body to get used to your new training styles.

Credit: Morgan Alley | Unsplash
Credit: Morgan Alley | Unsplash

2. Try light cardio

Use the same muscles that are experiencing DOMS. That way, you are loosening stress on these muscles and bringing these muscles down, getting them accustomed to lower-intensity workouts. Why? That’s because low intensity exercise prompts blood flow, helping the muscles to absorb more nutrients while moving waste products (metabolites) away from these muscles.

Try walking or light-running every time you have DOMS.

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