17 Year-Old Girl To Face Up A Giant Bear To Save Her Dog

The young girl had an unexpected encounter with a dangerous predator just to protect her dogs. See how did she make it possible!


Apart from human friends, pets are also loyal friends that we can do everything to protect them including jumping in front of a bear. Hailey Morinico, a teenage girl from California, the US did the exact thing when her little canines were threatened by a giant bear. She ended up with an injured finger and scraped knee but fortunately, the dogs were all saved. Scroll down to see how the brave girl faced off against the giant creature!

A teen girl from California took the internet by storm after posting the footage of herself facing off a mother bear

The unexpected encounter

It was a casual morning for Hailey and her dogs until an unwanted giant bear with her cub climbed over the garden wall and tried to enter the house. The girl quickly noticed the dangerous predator as her dogs kept barking intensively. As she was alone at that time, Hailey immediately rushed into the house with her smallest dogs. 

As the bear tried to climb the wall again, the 17-year-old girl came up with an insane idea of facing the giant creature. She went out of the house, looked at the bear in his eyes, and took all of her tolls to push it down.

Hailey Morinico, 17, pushed a bear of the wall just to protect her dogs inside the garden

A goosebumps moment!

Fortunately, Hailey didn’t get any serious injuries but a scraped knee and sprained fighter. She made a video reporting the unexpected encounter with funny graphics and even photos captured from her security camera. With the strength of a teen girl, Hailey was not able to push it hard but it was enough for the giant bear to lose balance and fell over the wall. 

In reaction to the case, her mother said that her heart jumped out of the chest seeing her daughter heading straight forward to the scary bear. It was such a relief for her to know that everything was in control and both Hailey and their dogs are safe. 

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However, according to wildlife expert Ron Magill, it has never been a great idea to be face to face with a bear in every way. “Making physical contact with a bear is disastrous,” said the expert.

The video of Hailey pushing the giant bear went viral on the internet and attracted thousands of comments.



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