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11-year-old prodigy and university graduate believes this makes immortality come true

This boy believes quantum science will give us the answer for immortality.

Laurent Simons has just graduated from Physics at Antwerp University of Belgium. Replying De Telegraaf, Simons would like to make immortality a reality by replacing human parts and organs with machines, and in his opinion, the more the better. He sees it as a giant puzzle game and the first puzzle is quantum science that studies the tiniest entity.

“2 important things in a study: Acquiring knowledge about something and applying it. To achieve the second thing, I want to work with the best professors in the world, look into their brain, and find out the way they think”, says Simons.

The news of Simons graduating at the age of 11 was confirmed by a reporter for Antwerp University. “Simons started our program for Bachelor of Physics in March 2020, and now has finished it with 85%, Brilliant”, this reporter shared with The Brussels Times.
According to the same reporter, Simons has studied some subjects in their Master’s program here and officially begins after summer.

Laurent Simon becomes the second-youngest graduate, after Micheal Kearney who had completed his study at Southern Alabama University at the age of 10.

In fact, Simons could even finish his university year earlier if he didn’t drop off from Eindhoven University, Netherland in 2019. The university refused to acknowledge his before his 10th birthday.

After this milestone, Alexander Simons, his dad, revealed the university has criticized him for drawing attention on his son. In an interview with De Volkskrant, he reasoned: while everyone agrees that a young football talent should be known, why can’t he be proud of his son’s talent?

The Simons Family has an Instagram page that uploads the prodigy’s activities with nearly 80.000 followers. You can find him at laurent_simons on Instgram or via this link https://www.instagram.com/laurent_simons/

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