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11-year-old girl mysteriously went missing as playing with her sister. 19 years later appeared a strange message on the 1 USD note

On the night of January 2, 1999, the 11-year-old girl Mikelle Biggs, who was studying grade 6 in the city of Mesa, Arizona, the U.S, was riding her 9-year-old sister (Kimber)’s bike near home. They were playing along and waiting for the ice cream van to come.

However, when Kimber just got into the house for her mother, her sister disappeared in the span of just 90 seconds. The bike was left by the roadside with her saved-up money for the ice cream scattering around.

Kimber narrated the story in an interview with CBS in January 2019: “Mikelle was riding my bike and she was riding in a circle. I felt a bit cold, so I wanted to get inside. I told my sister about that and crossed the road to go home. When I looked back, I could still see her riding the bike. I couldn’t believe it was the last time I see her”. Until now, Kimber is still wishing that her sister is alive and living in another place.

Sister Kimber is still obsessed with her sister’s disappearance.

“The thing that haunted me the most about it was the bike,” Kimber said. “You know, it was lying to one side. The wheels were still rolling”.

30 minutes after Mikelle went missing, the police of Mesa had locked down the area where Mikelle’s family was living for investigation.

Picture of Mikelle (Provided by her family).

All of her relatives and neighbors joined hands in searching the girl and couldn’t pick up a sign of her appearance.

Over the past 2 decades, the missing of Mikelle has stood as one of the most notorious cases in Mesa, and it became an obsession of Kimber and others in her family.

Even when things seemed bleak, the police continued their hunts. In the process of investigation, the police have found more than 800 pieces of evidence and 10,000 clues provided by the neighborhood. However, nothing worked out.

Mr. Jerry Gissel, in charge of the investigation, disclosed in an interview in 2009 that he suspected Mikelle was trying to escape from the k.i.d.n.a.p.p.e.r.

“The k.i.d.n.a.p.p.e.r must be a stranger. The scene suggested the girl tried to run home, leaving her money, but the k.i.d.n.a.p.p.e.r very quickly grabbed her. I believe Mikelle was taken into a car.”

Illustration of the girl at the agea of 14 and 25

When Mikelle’s existence was still left unanswered, the police kept receiving fake reports, which made the case become more complicated. There was a time when the police received an e-mail saying it’s he who k.i.d.n.a.p.p.e.d Mikelle. Not until the police ambushed the house of the suspect did they realize he was just a 12-year-old boy.

On March 14, 2018, a new clue appeared but it once more led to nothing. A person found 1 USD that reads “I am Mikelle Biggs, taken in Mesa, Arizona. I am alive”.

The note was expected to be an important clue to end the 2-decade-long case but after analysis of the letters, the police did not believe it was real.

The inspector police of Neenah city where the note was found, Mr. Adam Streubel said he suspected the authenticity of the message. Even the name of the victim was spelled wrong (Mikel instead of Mikelle). It was very likely another prank.

The investigators discovered the note was issued in 2009 but got no clue why it appeared in Neenah and there was no clue that led to its owner.

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