107-Year-Old Woman Reveals Her Secret Of A Long Life: “I Never Get Married”

Staying away from men is the rule for Lousie Signore to live up to 107 years and counting.


While most of us believe that a healthy diet and lifestyle is the key to a long life, 107-year-old New Yorker Louise Signore reveals her secret of longevity: never get married.

According to the woman who has just blown the birthday candles for the 107th time, staying away from marriage is the key point of living a better life. In fact, she heard so many other women complaining about their marital problems and at least once wished they would never get married.

Ms Lousie Signore celebrated her 107th birthday with her friends and family

Obviously, longevity also depends on many other factors including genes. Four of the Signore siblings are all over 100 years old with the youngest one turned 12 last month.

At the age of 10, Lousie Signore is still healthy enough that she doesn’t need a walking cane or wheelchair, she is even being able to dance. Of course, the woman has some diseases relating to high blood pressure but she still enjoying her life at its best.

In fact, Signore revealed that she has never been in a relationship. Her life is completely a lack of men, the 107-year-old woman, however, doesn’t feel lonely at all. The retired bookbinder lived on her own at home and kept herself occupied by cooking food for her friends and family. She has a good connection with friends and neighborhood which makes her life filled with joys.

Some throw back pictures of Lousie Signore and her siblings

The woman lived on her own until a fall 3 years ago that she needed nursing care.

What do you think about Lousie Signore’s longevity secret? Are you willing to be single for your whole life in exchange for a longer life? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below!

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